For the last few weeks I’ve been listening to many talking about the new thing they will accomplish in the new year. The skills they want to acquire and the goals they will meet. This makes my heart sing! More than ever before people are coming out of their shell and seeing that they have untapped potential. Unfortunately more often than not just a few months after many start this new journey they quit. Either because they find it too hard, too much information, it’s overwhelming etc. This is all cause by one main reason, they try to do it alone.

This is the biggest mistake anyone can make, we all need a mentor. A mentor is someone who’s been down the road we want to take and has a proven track record of achieving results for themselves and others. This person will offer advise, correction and support during the journey. We all need this even I. Yes, although I’ve been an entrepreneur since age 17, have accomplished all kinds of things, currently run 2 organizations and have mentored/coached others in multiples arenas, I too need someone to push me to grow, guide me and at times keep me from falling of the cliff. A good mentor most of all needs to be some one of wisdom, patience, no bull kind of person and also someone who you connect with and respect.

There’s all kinds of mentorship from personal development to business and more. What ever that area is we need a little extra boost in we all need to have these kind of people in our lives. Once we have that person there’s a few thing we need to do to maximize that mentorship experience. These are things that a good mentor will tell you right at the start of the mentoring relationship and that you need to know before you start one. These people have lives like you and I and their time is valuable. So here are the things you need to be prepared to do no ifs and buts.

  1. Leave excuses at the door. No sense in starting the journey if we already have an objection as to why not.
  2. Leave opinions and ego in the trash. You’re there to get advise and expertise in an area you know nothing about. Lets face it if we knew how to fix we wouldn’t be asking for help. This is a tough love relationship, you will hear things that are hard and uncomfortable. They will at times make you mad and bruise your ego. This is all part of the growing process.
  3. Be ready to take action. When you both come up with an action plan, it’s not time to sit and wait, it’s time to step out of the comfort zone and do what we need to do to reach our desired goal.

Mentors are a great blessing and a huge benefit to our lives. They enrich it in so many ways. It’s even something advised in the bible too. Yes many times it’s mentioned that we should seek wise counsel.  That’s exactly what mentorship is.

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