That phrase “fake it till you make it” is one that I wish we could delete from our vocabulary. It’s well intended but only leads us further into self deception.

Transparency is much more powerful way of living. Letting the world see us rise and grind through life. Starting at the bottom and rising to the top. It gives courage, it gives hope. It let’s others realize “hey, I can do it too”. We can identify with being the new kid on the block, with being in way over our head. what we can’t identify with is the image of perfection that says everything is flawless.

Own where you’re at and don’t feel like you have to apologize, hide or compensate for it.


If you drive a hoopty, be proud of it. That hoopty means you’re sacrificing now, to make your dream come true. That you’re being wise managing your money so that later on you can drive that Bentley without worrying about the repo man coming for it.

You’re doing life like no one else so later you can live how others can’t. That delayed gratification doesn’t make you weak or stupid. It makes you strong and wise. It’s showing yourself what integrity is. Yes, integrity. To do right by others we first have to do right by us. We have to respect ourselves and keep our word to ourselves. That’s how we learn what integrity is and how to honor it in all areas of our lives.

That’s what transparency forgess. So till you make it, work on it! And once you make it, keep working on it.