” Just like farmers do we prepares the soil, plants the seed and nurtures the plant until it matures for harvest. It’s in that nurturing season that we feed that plant to give good fruit. It’s that way in our lives. If we want really good fruit we have to learn to take good care of the plant” – Dani Johnson

I don’t know about you, but there’s been many times that I have asked my self these very question. Why not me? why no now?  Sometimes life seems to be going at the pace of snails. It seems like everyone else is growing, living their dreams, having the perfect life and you’re stuck! Yeap! I know that feeling all to well. When I began the Jones Soaps journey, it was just me and a bar of soap out in a world of large corporations. I would see other start ups like mine get their big breaks, while I was struggling just to get a single soul to my site. I remember the frustration I felt when the days and even months would go by and not a single sale. It felt as though I had a giant black cloud over my head following me everywhere I went. It was in this time in my life that I learned a great deal about myself and the legacy I was building.

You may be in that very place right now. You may feel like everything is moving slow, like you will never get ahead. You may feel like you’re wasting your time. Let me ask you, who are you doing what you do for? Is it for you or is it to let others see how great you are? You see the truth I had to face is that I often tried to get fast results for the wow factor. You know, the kind of reaction you get from everyone, and makes you feel like a rock star. That was me. I desired that more than anything. Don’t get me wrong, being the rock star is great and we should all dream to achieve great things. The problem I was having was that I lost sight of what I was really supposed to be doing.

408462_10151373082818024_2016950771_nI neglected to see that everyday I was doing something, I was moving forward. I was making progress. Every step was getting me closer to my goal. My mentor Dani Johnson taught me something I will never forget. While at a Creating a Dynasty event, she shared that our dreams and goals are like planting a field. Before one can get an orchard of bountiful harvests, we first have to prepare the soil. Then we plant the seeds. In a few weeks you will begin to see that seed sprout and grow, but it’s nowhere near the bearing fruit stage. In fact most apple trees take years before they begin to give a decent harvest. During that time you still have to water that tree and take care of it. Till one day it gives you back everything you put into it and then some.  If you rush the process you may end up killing that tree or damaging it to such a point that the fruit it produces is less than desirable. It may come with small apples or disease infected crops. That is how life is too. Sometimes to build things that last, things that we can leave as a legacy, we have to take our time. We have to move at a slower pace.

Many business have started before and after JHSC that have come with a big, flashy loud entrance like that of a Super Bowl halftime show. Just like the halftime show they have now fizzled away. You see, what matters is not the glamour of how you start, but rather the foundation you build.  A structure with a weak foundation will eventually crumble. Pay close attention to the beginning, nurture your sprout, and know that what your taking your time to build will eventually grow into all you’ve dreamed of and more.

Good solid marriages, relationships, businesses etc. take time. I want you to give yourself the grace to grow at your own pace. Don’t worry about the pace of others. Focus on your race.

I want to hear from you. Tell me what is your why? moment. Let’s take some time to chat and grow together. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Warm Wishes,


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