Looking back at my journey, I can see now what moved so many people to stand behind that little bar of soap.

It was my passion. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great product. That is essential. If you sell crap people won’t come back and they won’t refer. However a great product wasn’t enough. This is why passion wins everytime.

It was my passion that gave the reason why I did what I did everyday impactful. People could hear it in my voice. They know it wasn’t something I made to simply make money. They knew I genuinely wanted to help as many families as I could. They knew I would go to any length to make that happen and I often did. The fun part was they would get so pumped they would join me in the journey.

Somehow they managed to find some of the toughest cases too! I’ll never forget the man who came into my shop and said “I was referred to you by another vendor who sells similar product to yours. They said your product would help”. Yeah, My competitor sent me clients! Imagine how excited everyone got when that same man came in a month later, taking his shirt off in the middle of my store to show me how his skin had healed after 3 YEARS of no results with prescriptions and other treatments.

This is why people who build businesses for the sake of making money usually don’t last. People smell right though intention.

So what is the your passion? What is the thing that is moving you to do what you do?