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After reading so many comments by believers about the death of Actor Robin Williams I had to speak up. As someone who for a long time battled depression and suicidal thoughts, I know all to well that what God thinks about this is far different than what others say. Please take the time to read.


To call a person in pain a coward is the most anti christianity statement and christian can make. It was this very pattern of thinking the one the Pharisees had, the very one Jesus taught against. The reason we as the body of Christ do not reach many to include our own kids is because we’re to busy judging and trying to play God.

Jesus didn’t make snide remarks about those He was helping. Yes suicide & depression are horrible and 100% avoidable. Yet so is type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease etc. Many christians today deal with those issues and not once have I head God say “you’re sick because you have no self control you sick o. I’m not going to heal you because you’re a glutton and selfish jerk”. No, instead God stoops down to were we are in our mess and helps us even when we’ve created the mess.

Check your heart. You could be the very one turning many away from Christ. Before you speak think. Make sure you’re representing Christ and not yourself. If we were perfect and had no struggles, there be no need for Jesus to have died on the cross, no need for salvation or redemption. The entire Gospel would be null and void. – Selah

R.I.P. Robin Williams