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If you are like most entrepreneurs, you love providing your products and services and understand the importance of having an online presence.


There's only one problem. You don't know a thing about coding. You've tried to build your site on multiple platforms but ended up with something you don't love, and that took way longer than you anticipated.

Now you're left with a not so great looking site that does not reflect your brand and a good amount of frustration.

With the WordPress installation and design services,

We at Radical Lives take care of the technical and design aspects of your site so that you can free up time to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Imagine what you can do with that extra time! Spend time with family, catch up with friends, the options are endless.

We make sure to get the job done on time and budget.

This is exactly what one of our clients Chef Melanie owner of wanted.

While we built her site she was able to focus on baking the pastries she loves to make.

By now you're probably wondering what do you get with the WordPress Installation and design Package.

  Here is everything you get in the WordPress Installation and Design Package:  


  • Installation & set up of WordPress on your domain ($397 Value)
  • Customizable WordPress template ($49 Value)
  • Visual Design Plugin ($69 Value)
  • Graphic design kit ($297 Value)
  • Social Media Branding Kit ($97 Value)
  • E-Commerce Set Up including uploading 10 products to your catalog ($697 Value)
  • Email Integration ($97 Value)
  • 1 Sales Funnel design + script and 1 video sales letter ($897 Value)
  • Backup & Security Set Up ($67 Value)


This is something we normally charge $2667.

Today we're not going to charge you that


  Let's go over everything included in this package:  

  Installation & set up of WordPress on your domain:   We will install your WordPress site and configure the database to make sure everything is communicating properly. ($397 Value)

  Customizable WordPress template:  You'll get a highly customizable template that is designed for small businesses in mind. It is perfect for blogging, sales pages and integrates beautifully with e-commerce and email forms. ($49 Value)

  Visual Design Plugin:   If our custom WordPress template wasn't flexible enough, we're also adding our very own custom design suite to help you design stunning pages with ZERO coding using a few clicks. It even has pre-installed templates to take the guesswork out of it. ($69 Value)

  Graphic design kit:   We'll design the graphics for your homepage,
and up to 4 additional page to match your brand and logo. If you don't have brand colors we'll even help you choose a palate and give you the hex code so you'll always get the right colors in all of your designs. ($297 Value)

  Social Media Branding Kit:   Brand continuity is important. We'll design a cover and profile picture for your facebook, twitter, youtube, and Instagram that matches your website. ($97 Value)

  E-Commerce Set Up including uploading 10 products to your catalog:   Hey the whole point of having an online presence is being able to generate revenue. So we'll set up your e-commerce and add up to 10 products. All you have to do is provide us with the desired product names, the pictures, prices and descriptions and we'll take care of the rest. ($697 Value)

  Email Integration:   You got to stay in touch with your clients and blog subscribers. What a better way to do so than to integrating your email list directly into your website.  ($97 Value)

  1 Sales Funnel design + script and 1 video sales letter:   Sales funnels are a great way to feature a specific product or service. You can use this to create a special offer that introduces new customers to your brand, product, and services. This method eliminates confusion and in return gives you higher conversion rates. Because this page has to be very well crafted, we'll not only take care of the visual design, we will also make a video sales letter to go along with your page and write the sales copy for you. ($897 Value)

  Backup & Security Set Up:   Last but not least is protecting your site. To do so we're adding a cyber attack protection software that will stop most attacks and at the same time notify you if there are any live attacks taking place. This feature alone is worth its weight in gold. You'll be able to protect your investment from hackers. You also get our favorite website backup software. It will allow you to back up everything on your site and quickly duplicate it without having to start from scratch should something go wrong. We call this peace of mind. ($67 Value)

  BONUS - 1 hour one on one session:   We know you're going to want to learn how to use all of the features on your site, so we'll do a one on one 1 hour live video conference where we'll teach you how to use your site and all of its features. You'll also get a copy of the live session so you can go over it anytime you need to review a specific feature.

Like we mentioned before we normally charge $2,667 for this service.

  However today we want to help you save some money  

For New Clients Only, we're offering this package at the reduced rate of


This is an $800 savings!

Order right now to get the $800 savings and lock in the special price of $1866


This offer Expires April 30th

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